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So You Have a Foot Orthotic Prescription?

Foot Orthotic So You Have a Foot Orthotic Prescription? run 1499362 1280You go to the doctor for foot, ankle, or knee pain and he gives you a custom foot orthotic prescription. What is the next step? Give us a call! Bioworks accepts most health insurance plans and some insurances cover foot orthotics. We can help start you on the road to recovery. Foot orthotics do require at least two appointments with one of our certified orthotists or pedorthists.

What to Expect at Your Foot Orthotic Evaluation:

If your physician prescribes you custom foot orthotics, it is a two-step process. First you come in for a no cost evaluation. Our orthotist or pedorthist will evaluate your feet, watch you walk, and discuss the goals you would like to achieve. At this appointment, we will also discuss insurance; there are certain insurances we know will not cover orthotics (Humana and Medicare), but do not fret we do offer orthotics at a discounted rate. Typically, we bill insurance between $375 and $400 but if we know insurance will not pay we drop the price down between $250-$275 depending on the orthotic received. We also allow for patients to go on payment plans; it’s never a set payment, just what you feel comfortable paying that month.

Once you have your evaluation you do not have to have the orthotics fabricated; we can check your benefits, call you with the information, and then you can decide. If it is not the right time for you to get them or if you just don’t think orthotics will work for you, there is no charge for anything. We only bill insurance or you, if a product is received. The information we obtain from your evaluation is good for 3 months before you would have to come in for another evaluation. If you would like us to bill insurance we will need a prescription from your physician.

See an Orthotist for Plantar Fasciitis Foot Orthotic So You Have a Foot Orthotic Prescription? cincinnati foot orthotics

What to Expect at Your Foot Orthotic Fitting:

Fitting usually takes place between 1 or 2 weeks of the evaluation, depending the orthotics fabricated. We ask that you bring the shoes that you wear the most. We will take those shoes into our lab and grind the length of the orthotic to fit inside. Next, we will have you walk and make sure they feel comfortable. If there is something that is uncomfortable, we can fix it right then and there. Once you are fitted for the orthotics, we suggest weaning onto wearing them all day. This may    take a couple weeks, it could take a couple days.


What to Expect After Your Fitting:

Depending on your activity level, your orthotic may wear down and feel different than when you were initially fit. We offer free adjustments for the life of your orthotics. If you are wearing them and something doesn’t feel right or you are getting blisters, give us a call and we will gladly set you up with an appointment for an adjustment. Most orthotics should last 2-3 years, depending on your activity level. If your top cover has worn away and it has been less than a year, we will replace for free; if it has been over a year it is a $25 self-pay charge.

Bioworks Foot Orthotics Foot Orthotic So You Have a Foot Orthotic Prescription? Bioworks Foot Orthotics Timeline

Walking around with foot, ankle, and knee pain is never fun. Let us help you gain a pain free lifestyle. Give us a call at (513)793-7335 or fill out our appointment request online and we can get started today!


You can request a foot orthotics appointment if you have a prescription from your doctor.

We’ll confirm your request within one business day.

Submit Appointment Request

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